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Choosing the Best Debt Management Company
As was said before removing or attempting to remove unwanted items from your credit report is a tricky and often foolish thing to do. Paying someone else to do it, probably makes even less sense. Most former Credit Repair companies now offer Credit Monitoring services with the credit repair as a "free" services on the side.

Credit Monitoring are effective in alerting individuals about usual activity on your account. This service may become more relevant if one has experienced identity theft previously. Unfortunately, identity thieves often resell your information to other identity thieves, and start a sick cycle of fraud.Be careful when purchasing credit monitoring that is pricey anything more than a month is high.

Also remember you can request the three credit bureaus to create renewable alerts, warning lenders to use a higher level of scrutiny in confirming your identity before issue new credit. And don't count on some iron-clad ID theft insurance saving y
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How Medical Debt Affects Your Credit
Zombie Debt 101

Zombie debt refers to old unpaid debt, declared dead and uncollectable long ago, that rises from the grave to ingest the bank accounts of the living. Who are the mad financial scientists that create this zombie debt, and how can you thwart them when it comes for you?

The zombie mast

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The Crushing Effects Of Medical Debt

How pervasive is America's medical debt problem? According to 2017 data from the credit bureau Experian, unpaid medical debt in America topped 7 billion. New data from Consumer Reports shows that almost 30% of insured Am

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