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This is for anyone looking for more information about potential debt solutions 
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Choosing the Best Debt Management Company XYZ
Ranking anything whether its best college football teams, best restaurants or best debt management programs is a subjective exercise. What is most appealing to us, may be second or third on your list and vice-versa.

Be aware that almost every company in this industry is a nonprofit agency accredited by national organizations and regulated by states, who impose restrictions on fees. So those arent really the decisive factors in choosing a company.

Acknowledging that, here are the areas we deemed important in rating credit counseling agencies and their debt management programs.

(*) Cost. You are already in debt. No need to sink your wallet further in the sand by paying a lot for the monthly fees associated with a debt management program.

(*) Customer Service. How comfortable are you talking with credit counselors? When you have questions, and you will! is the person on the other end of the phone friendly? Courteous? Helpful? This is going to be a
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